Lookin’ at U: Aurelie Villard

Aurelie Villard

Aurelie Villard

Each Thursday, we randomly feature a medical center employee.
This week, we learn more about:

  • Name: Aurelie Villard
  • Hometown: West Palm Beach, Fla.
  • No. of years at UNMC: I’ve been at UNMC for nine months and look forward to continuing my career here for many years.

Tell us a bit about what you do here at UNMC:
I work in the UNMC Public Relations Department, where I serve as the digital media manager. I do all things social media. My day usually consists of informing the public on what’s happening here at UNMC, helping departments create an online presence, connecting with students and building a relationship with the online community. I am happy to be a part of the UNMC PR family. 
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Courage is one of UNMC’s brand values. Tell us of a time you witnessed a person or group demonstrating courage at UNMC.
The UNMC public relations team shows courage all the time. We are the voice of UNMC. There are times where we have to step in to make a situation better.

What is your favorite summer activity?
I love going to outdoor events and spending time by the pool.

List three things people may not know about you.

  • I am Haitian-American.
  • I was in a band for three years and played in an orchestra in New York City.
  • I started my communications/journalism career working at a local news station my senior year of college.


  1. Sasha Shillcutt MD says:

    Glad you are here and connecting us w our community. Thank you for all you do!

  2. Karen Burbach says:

    Aurelie, we're so glad to have you at UNMC and part of our team!

  3. Tom O'Connor says:

    Great to have you on the UNMC PR team, Aurelie! Keep up the awesome work on social media!

  4. Lisa Spellman says:

    It's been so much fun having you on the team Aurelie!

  5. Catherine Mello says:

    It is a pleasure working with you Aurelie!

  6. Kat Hamilton says:

    We are excited to have you at UNMC and it has been great to work with you!

  7. Treena says:

    You go girl! #blackgirlsrock

  8. Dr. Strong says:

    I look forward to connecting with you soon! Glad to have you 🙂

  9. Stacie Hamel says:

    Aurelie, I'm so glad you're part of the team. You're having a great impact on UNMC!

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