Registration open for Premier Education Event

A speaker at last year's Premier Education Event

A speaker at last year's Premier Education Event

The Premier Education Event, focusing on “Practical Application: Putting it All Together,” will be held on Aug. 27 from 1-3 p.m. in Lower Level Storz.

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The event is a collaborative effort between the Nebraska Medicine Office of Health Professions Education, UNMC Interprofessional Academy of Educators, and UNMC Faculty Development.

The event will summarize previous years’ themes: teaching strategies, critical thinking and assessment. It also will feature a presentation on turning projects into scholarship, and participants can attend a “rapid rounds” session, in which presenters will discuss their research, project or idea for two minutes and then allow questions for an additional minute. Attendees will rotate through the various presentations.

The following awards also will be presented:

  • The Interprofessional Academy of Educators Catalyst for Education Award: This award recognizes a staff member serving in an educational support role whose contributions have been integral to furthering the educational mission at UNMC. Recipients of the Catalyst for Education Award are team members who are vital to the success of the educational mission, promote a premier environment, and ensure success of all trainees.
  • The UNMC Faculty Development Academic Contributions of Excellence (ACE) Award: This award recognizes a faculty member who contributed to the advancement of UNMC faculty through sustained leadership and commitment to the professional development of others in our faculty community.
  • The Nebraska Medicine Office of Health Professions Education Award in Assessment: This award recognizes a Nebraska Medicine colleague who exemplifies the following qualities related to assessment:
    • Utilizes innovative methods for assessment;
    • Challenges learners to assess their own development needs;
    • Assesses interprofessional team dynamics and works to improve those dynamics;
    • Evaluates methods to better their own teaching methodologies; and
    • Demonstrates a commitment to measuring the impact that education/training has on an outcome, goal or strategy.
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