Educators honored at annual event

Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dele Davies, M.D., speaks at the Premier Education Event.

Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dele Davies, M.D., speaks at the Premier Education Event.

Kimberly Rothgeb, education coordinator in the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences, Michael (Tony) Hollingsworth, Ph.D., professor and research scientist at the Eppley Institute, and Kelli Kooyman, a nursing professional development specialist, were the big winners at the Premier Education Event, held Aug. 26.

Rothgeb received the Catalyst for Education Award from the Interprofessional Academy of Educators. Dr. Hollingsworth received the award for Academic Contributions of Excellence in Faculty Development from the UNMC Office of Faculty Development. Kooyman received the Excellence in Assessment Award from the Nebraska Medicine Office of Health Professions Education.

“The Premier Education Event, both through the awards and the innovative educational project presentations, celebrates and highlights the talent and dedication of individuals and teams who do so much to support the educational mission at UNMC and Nebraska Medicine,” said Brian Boerner, M.D., director of the Interprofessional Academy of Educators.

Nominators praised Kooyman’s innovative and positive
energy. “She is an early adopter of technology
that led to more efficient and effective coaching and training
opportunities, as well as provided patients with information
they can understand to stay safe,” one nominator said.

Dr. Hollingsworth was singled out for providing a fertile,
collaborative, and inspiring working environment. “He offers
ample guidance and great care in the development of junior
faculty from multiple departments, and his mentorship has led
to the success of faculty across UNMC.”

Nominators said Rothgeb “puts her heart and soul into everything
she takes on. She is the backbone of the IGPBS program.
Kim is the reason most of us get through not just our first
years, but our Ph.D.s.”

During the event, eight presenters shared their project/research or project idea with participants during a “rapid rounds” session, which each presenter or team is given two minutes to present and one minute to answer questions.

Presentations included:

From UNMC:

  • “Medical Students Learn Surgical Skills in Near-Peer Surgical Workshop,” Abbey Fingeret, M.D., and Erin Grimes
  • “Health Educators and Academic Leaders Curriculum,” Cory Rohlfsen, M.D., and Jon Hall, M.D.
  • “Using Video Alone or Video and a Reflective Practice Intervention for Teaching a Clinical Skill: N95 Respirators,” Beth Beam, Ph.D. and Jocelyn Herstein, Ph.D.
  • “Discover Design Thinking,” Katherine Bravo, Ph.D.
  • “Mindful Pause Practice in Sonography Education,” Tanya Custer and Kim Michael

From Nebraska Medicine:

  • “Creating a NPD Specialist Structure for the Future,” Kaylie Guinan
  • “Implementation and Evaluation of a Critical Care Nurse Fellowship Program,” Candie Jones
  • “Xapi Apps-Making a Difference for Mock Code Data Entry,” Kelly Kooyman and Katie Adams
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