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iEXCEL's former GI mentor, apparently excited about its retirement.

iEXCEL's former GI mentor, apparently excited about its retirement.

iEXCEL’s GI Mentor ‘retires’ to Israel

iEXCEL’s oldest GI Mentor, a simulation device that allows students to train for upper and lower gastrointestinal procedures, has been retired. And, like many retirees, it’s going traveling.

The simulator has been shipped to Israel, to the company that created it, Simbionix (a subsidiary of 3D Systems). There, the mentor, which was created in 1998, will be displayed in the company’s offices as an example of one of the earliest versions of the technology.

“This machine has served as an important hands-on educational piece for students and faculty,” said Jenni Bouckhuyt, surgical simulation program supervisor.

iEXCEL’s current GI Mentor is a highly accurate, state-of-the-art simulator produced by the same company.

Renamed Warren Sanger Genetics Laboratory now part of Nebraska Medicine lab system

Effective July 27, the renamed Warren Sanger Genetics Laboratory is being operated by Nebraska Medicine. The Human Genetics Laboratory formerly at MMI has joined with the Nebraska Medicine Laboratory system, and the lab has been renamed to honor Dr. Sanger, a pioneering geneticist and educator at hte Munroe-Meyer Institute.

College of Nursing residency program grant recipients begin their residencies

The first nurse practitioners to take part in a new residency program grant awarded last year began their residencies recently.

Last year, the UNMC College of Nursing received a four-year, $1.67 million grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to launch a residency program for recently graduated nurse practitioners in rural and underserved areas.

The nurse practitioner residents and their practicing locations are: Emily Fisher and Maya Manjarrez, OneWorld Community Health Centers; Shelby Freudenburg, Midtown Health Center; Shannon McDonald, Good Neighbor Health Center; and Katie Salinas, Charles Drew Health Center.

The residency exposes recent graduates to a myriad of experiences, which not only allows them to gain proficiency in specialized skills, but also receive support by supervising health professionals. Residents also will learn skills for working with primary care patients as well as medically complex and socially vulnerable patients and their families.

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