New faculty

Prasanth Ravipati, MD

Prasanth Ravipati, MD

Twenty-eight new faculty members have joined the UNMC College of Medicine. They are:

Associate professor

  • Timothy Welch, MD, anesthesiology

Assistant professors

  • Alyson Baker, MD, pediatrics-critical care
  • Geoffrey Casazza, MD, otolaryngology-head and neck surgery
  • Stephanie Claudy, MD, pediatrics-critical care
  • Laura Daymut, MD, pediatrics-emergency medicine
  • Lauren Edwards, MD, pediatrics-critical care
  • Kyle Gallagher, PhD, radiation oncology
  • Emmett Gannon, MD, orthopaedic surgery
  • Lindsay Helget, MD, internal medicine-rheumatology
  • Jayme Hoch, DO, internal medicine-geriatrics and palliative medicine
  • Mudasser Ibrahim, MD, pediatrics-emergency medicine
  • Brian Juber, MD, pediatrics-newborn medicine
  • Mary Kinyoun, MD, obstetrics-gynecology
  • Prasanth Ravipati, MD, internal medicine-nephrology
  • Eli Rhoads, MD, pediatrics-pulmonary
  • Micah Schott, PhD, biochemistry and molecular biology
  • Stephanie Shin, DO, anesthesiology
  • Matthew Sorenson, MD, pediatrics-cardiology
  • Matthew Stephany, MD, dermatology
  • Terry Stock, MD, anesthesiology
  • Rachel Taylor, MD, pediatrics-cardiology
  • Patrick Thomas, surgery- pediatric general
  • James Vargo, MD, surgery, plastic and reconstructive
  • Laura-Catherine Vargo, MD, dermatology
  • Heather Wadams, MD, pediatrics-endochrine
  • Jae Hyuk Yoo, PhD, ophthalmology and visual sciences
  • Sara Zachman, MD, psychiatry


  • Joshuea Cameron, MD, orthopaedic surgery