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Program aims to expand research participation access

The Great Plains Institutional Development Award for Clinical and Translational Research (IDeA-CTR) Network, headquartered at UNMC, has developed a research participant registry. The registry may help expand clinical research participation access in communities across Nebraska.

Individuals of all ages, genders, ethnicities and health profiles are invited to enroll. People who are interested can register through a public-facing portal allowing anyone with internet access to enroll. The enrollment questionnaire may collect demographic, contact and basic health information. Participants may choose to enroll in condition-specific sub-registries, such as COVID-19, mind and brain health and traumatic brain injury.

If a child is enrolling in the registry, a parent or guardian must provide permission.

The registry supports rural health initiatives by giving Nebraskans an opportunity to participate in research studies and giving them access to information on potential treatments and emerging medical protocols.

This research infrastructure also will enhance the researchers’ ability to identify eligible participants for research studies through data requests and foster multi-institutional collaborations with partner institutions and Practice-Based Research Network sites across the region.

The registry can be accessed online.  For questions, please contact Tiffany Dudley or Emily Frankel via email.

The IRB number for the registry is IRB#0511-20-EP.