Feedback is open on mobility plan

The med center has a goal of helping staff, faculty and students make 35% of trips to campus in ways other than driving alone in a car by 2030.

This includes supporting commuters who can arrive to campus by walking or biking — two travel modes that will be addressed through Omaha’s Active Mobility Plan.

Omaha residents can participate in this plan, which will result in a more complete and connected network for walking, bicycling and other active mobility travel modes in Omaha. The project will evaluate existing mobility networks, gather data on current opinions and future mobility needs and ensure all areas of the community are represented. The outcome will be a phased plan with physical improvements for the active mobility network, some of which will impact connectivity from med center locations.

Respond to the mobility plan questionnaire here by Dec. 11 to let planners know which areas of Omaha need improved cycling and pedestrian infrastructure. The plan is scheduled to be completed by September 2023.

As a reminder, the med center community still has an opportunity to sign up for a free Heartland B-cycle membership. To sign up:

  • Regardless of TravelSmart status — existing program users and new participants — register for TravelSmart and choose the option for bicycle and any other offerings.
  • Once registered for TravelSmart, participants will receive a confirmation email containing a special promo code.
  • On the Heartland B-cycle website or app, follow the instructions to register for an annual membership. When prompted, enter the user’s UNMC/Nebraska Medicine email address and the special code from the TravelSmart confirmation email.
  • Please note that members will be required to input credit card information but will not be charged except in the event that they check out a bike for longer than 60 minutes. The med center program covers all costs associated with trips under one hour. Heartland B-cycle will never auto-renew a membership by charging the card on file.
  • Download the Heartland B-cycle app or use the website to find nearby docking stations. The number on each blue icon is the number of bikes available at that station. If the blue icon has a lightning bolt, an electric bike is available.