Nursing college continues to move up in graduate online ranks

In the 2023 Best Online Programs rankings from U.S. News & World Report, the UNMC College of Nursing’s graduate online nursing program ranked 79th out of 185 ranked schools. This places it in the top half of the rankings, which U.S. News & World Report released today. 

The UNMC College of Nursing only recently has begun to be included in the online rankings and is showing steady increases in its ranking, said Juliann Sebastian, PhD, dean of the UNMC College of Nursing.

“Rankings reflect the esteem in which our graduates, faculty, staff and students are held,” Dr. Sebastian said. “They account for the supports that are provided to students and the quality of the learning environment. We have long known that the UNMC College of Nursing faculty, staff and students are among the nation’s best and this is one more indicator of that reputation for excellence.”

Five categories were used to rank the programs: Engagement, faculty credentials and training, services and technology, student excellence and opinions of experts.

The college offers a variety of master’s and doctorate of nursing practice degree specialties that use online and other teaching formats. The programs prepare nurse practitioners in specialty tracks for women’s health, adult gerontology, pediatric, acute care, family health, psychiatric mental health, and executives in nursing administration.