Robert Guidangen

Medical school: Texas A&M School of Medicine, Bryan, Texas

Growing up surrounded by nurses, Guidangen’s interest in medicine began by reading science encyclopedias as a child and discovering the TV show “Scrubs.” The dynamic content and workflow of the specialty are two of the reasons he chose an anesthesiology residency. 

You can go from managing the physiology of a child during surgery to placing an epidural in a pregnant woman to having meaningful conversations with cancer patients and their chronic pain, all in your residency,” Guidangen said. “It’s intellectually stimulating and always about the patient experience at the end of the day, no matter how brief or limited your time may be with them.”

Although not looking forward to winter in Omaha, Guidangen is excited to join the UNMC Department of Anesthesiology family and meet everyone.

List some accomplishments you are proud of

  • Being a dog dad to a Frenchie named Bruce.
  • Serving as a doctor in the U.S. Navy.

Three things about you that others may not know:

  • Traveled to 30 countries and counting.
  • Decently fluent in French.
  • Big-time foodie — read food reviews, watch food documentaries, eat a lot, you name it.