Midwest Anesthesia Resident Conference set for April

Alec Seei, DO, practices his presentation for the Midwest Anesthesia Resident Conference

Alec Seei, DO, practices his presentation for the Midwest Anesthesia Resident Conference

A record number of UNMC medical students and UNMC Department of Anesthesiology residents will attend the Midwest Anesthesia Resident Conference (MARC) held in Omaha on April 5-7, 2024. The mission of MARC is to encourage research and scholarly activity in the 37 participating Midwestern and Canadian anesthesiology departments. Residents are mentored by faculty to share their work and collaborate in a friendly, educational atmosphere.

Each resident will present a topic and poster that will be judged and scored by a panel. In 2023, the anesthesiology department was well represented at the conference, with six presentations and two first-place award recipients.

Residents recently practiced presentations during didactic times on Feb. 27 and 28 and at Grand Rounds on Feb. 28. Medical students will practice on Feb. 29.

2024 presentations:

Joshua Abels, MD – “One lung ventilation in patient with recent tracheostomy.” Mentor: Kristi Lorenzen, MD

Patrick Arnold – “Stellate ganglion block as part of treatment for medically refractory electrical storm.” Mentor: Cale Kassel, MD

Tyler Austin, MD – “ESBL-E. Coli endocarditis of the mitral valve with complete heart block.” Mentor: Zahid Iqbal, MD

Matthew Bécar, MD – “Complex multivisceral organ transplantation in a pediatric patient.” Mentor: Trevor Wilke, MD

Brittany Clifton, MD – “Considerations for airway management in epiglottitis.” Mentor:  Jayme Dowdall

Zachary Egr, MD – “Amniotic fluid embolism: A case report on successful resuscitation.” Mentor: Brittany Brown, MD

Ifunanya Ejikeme, DO – “Pulmonary artery dissection following patent ductus arteriosus repair in childhood.” Mentor: James Sullivan, MD

Zachary Franco, MD – “Anesthetic management of an eclamptic patient.” Mentor: Kristin Wakin, MD

Nathan Goergen, MD, PhD – “Carcinoid valvular disease affecting the left heart.” Mentor: Katie Goergen, MD

Lauren Greufe, MD “Congenital renal cystic dysplasia requiring transplantation.” Mentor: Brittany Brown, MD

Robert Guidangen, MD – “Difficult intubation in a rare tracheal anatomic variant.” Mentor:  Kristin Wakin, MD

Brett Guthmiller, DO – “ECMO utilization in patient presenting with a post-myocardial infarct VSD awaiting heart transplant.” Mentor: Amanda Arnzen, MD

Lukas Hall “Prescribing patterns in pediatric urology patients after opioid stewardship: a retrospective review.” Mentor: Jessica Goeller, DO

Joel Jacobs – “External oblique intercostal plane block catheters following spleno-renal shunt.” Mentor: Cale Kassel, MD

Kaili Jorgens – “Anesthetic considerations for extrapleural pneumonectomy.” Mentor:  Cale Kassel, MD

Christopher Keenan, MD – “Epinephrine-induced hypotension in pediatric patient with double-chambered right heart.” Mentor: Amy Beethe, MD

Jennie Keum, MD – “Awake fiberoptic oral intubation with video laryngoscopy assistance in a patient with ankylosing spondylitis.” Mentor: Scott Hofmann, MD

Sara Linza-Moscati, DO – “Urgent non-cardiac surgery in a poorly optimized patient.” Mentor: Trevor Wilke, MD

Jeremy Payne, MD – “Cricoid chondronecrosis: a case study.” Mentor: Jayme Dowdall, MD

Matt Pile – “Anesthetic management for endovascular repair following grade IV thoracic aortic transection.” Mentor: Trevor Wilke, MD

Luke Polenz – “Impact of state regulations and opioid stewardship on prescribing after pelvic fracture repair.” Mentor: Jessica Goeller, DO

Alexandra Pool – “Delayed presentation of traumatic supraglottic hematoma.” Mentor:  Gina Lamb, MD

Keland Potthoff – “Anesthesia management of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy during dental procedure in a pediatric patient.” Mentor: Ryan Hamlin, MD

Alec Seei, DO – “Probably CAPS in a 33-year-old male with new onset arterial thrombosis, a case report.” Mentor: Shaun Thompson, MD

Noah Svec, MD – “Acute liver failure.” Mentor: Brittany Brown, MD