Message from the Chair of the Department of Internal Medicine

March whizzed by complete with lots of special events. Of course, there was the NCAA basketball’s March Madness complete with the most watched college basketball game ever in the Iowa-South Carolina women’s game last week.

Our house officers organized a competition of a different sort with their fun Moustache Madness. Congrats to Dr. Landon Withrow on his winning efforts. Dr. Mel Teply definitely displayed some creativity and demonstrated that the faculty could provide some stiff competition.  Most importantly, a whole new class of medicine residents (complete with med/geriatrics position), med-peds residents, and primary care sub-interns were announced, and we are excited to have each one of them be a part of our team. Check out their pictures and get ready to welcome them. Many thanks to all the house officers, faculty, and staff who did a terrific job in the recruitment process.

A very special event in March was the awarding of the first annual Bartee Advocacy award for exceptional community engagement by a scientist, to Mark Rupp, MD, chief of our Division of Infectious Diseases. Bob and Helen Bartee and family created the award and a special advocacy for science lectureship provided this year by Mary Woolley, CEO of Research! America. What a wonderful gift from the Bartee family to UNMC and how appropriate for Dr. Rupp to be recognized in this fashion.

There are many updates in the newsletter about educational endeavors (learn more about EMETs!), exciting research grants that are launching, and special events that are occurring. Our own Dr. Lydia Kang is the guest speaker at the Nebraska Medicine Guild Fusion fundraiser occurring this week.

We are nearing the end of the opportunity to complete the AAMC Standpoint Survey that gives us data from both faculty and staff to help shape future development activities for the department. Please take the opportunity to provide anonymous feedback by April 12. If you have already completed it, many thanks!

Also, thanks to all who gave during the UNMC For the Greater Good 2024 in late March. There were many good projects to support including our own IM residency program fund which raised $1,580 during the campaign.

Enjoy the spring weather as it starts to unfold and never forget to take good care of yourselves. I am ever grateful for all the great work I see every day in the department!