Cancer center to display ‘Finding: Works by Linda Fleming’

Two of the items on display in "Finding: Works by Linda Fleming" are, from left, Heat Lightening (chromed steel from 2016) and Faceted Jug (graphite on rag paper from 1989).

The gallery space on Level 1 of the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center will host the exhibition “Finding: Works by Linda Fleming” from Friday, May 3, through Nov. 3.

Born in 1945 in Pittsburgh, Fleming displayed an aptitude for art at an early age, and her talents earned her a full scholarship to Carnegie Mellon University in 1963. Fleming is primarily a sculptor, although drawing is an important component of her work. She works in steel, wood, rubber, felt and paper. Her sculpture can be identified by intricate patterns resembling lace, tendrils of smoke or webs.

Her practice draws from the desert and mountain environments surrounding her studios in Colorado, Nevada and California.

“Art has allowed me to dream, depict, investigate, map, study and free myself from gravity,” Fleming said.

This exhibition spans Fleming’s career, from vessel drawings that capture reflections to pastel sketches of 3D movement to chromed steel wall sculptures that reflect the world.

“Linda Fleming creates places of shadow and light, where the viewer can become a participant by entering the reflections,” said Colleen Heavican Cass, Healing Arts curator.

Learn more about Fleming at her website.

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