UNMC Giving Day 2024 Results

“For the Greater Good” was a virtual day of giving and engagement on March 27-28 to support UNMC and the College of Dentistry. Donors united with other UNMC alumni, friends and grateful patients to support the future of oral health care in Nebraska.

The College of Dentistry raised $20,532 from 93 donors for the following causes:

  • College of Dentistry Innovation Fund
    $3,415 raised, 26 gifts
    Donors support the college’s current priorities and initiatives.
  • College of Dentistry Scholarships
    $1,686 raised, 14 gifts
    Donors make a difference in the life of a dental or dental hygiene student by helping them achieve their dreams.
  • College of Dentistry Veterans Clinic
    $7,010 raised, 24 gifts
    Donors support efforts to help eligible local veterans receive dental services to address their unmet needs.
  • Dental Starter Kit Project
    $160 raised, 3 gifts
    Donors support efforts to help prevent dental disease in children. The dental health starter kits are filled with oral hygiene items for children from birth to age six and are distributed to caregivers across Nebraska.
  • Department of Orthodontics
    $4,256 raised, 11 gifts
    Donors support the Dr. & Mrs. Henry & Anne Cech Professorship Fund. Recipients of this professorship demonstrate excellence in clinical instruction, research ability and accomplishments, and academic promise.
  • Department of Periodontics
    $3,675 raised, 10 gifts
    Donors make a difference in the lives of current and future residents. Donations go towards cutting-edge dental technology, travel to meetings, speaker support and other program necessities.
  • American Association of Women Dentists (AAWD)
    $20 raised, 2 gifts
    Donors make a difference in the lives of women dental students. Donations go towards programs that help advance, connect and enrich the lives of women who are pursuing dental careers.
  • College of Dentistry Perio Club
    $300 raised, 2 gifts
    Donors support activities that help dental students learn more about the field of periodontics and periodontics​ residency programs.
  • Hispanic Student Dental Association (HSDA)
    $10 raised, 1 gift
    Donors help empower dental students to increase oral health equity and improve health care quality in the Hispanic/Latinx and underrepresented populations.

The college also received extra funds in recognition of the college’s Giving Day social media campaign.

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