eLab Features

While the video above outlines many features of eLab-Journal, below are some additional important features and reasons to start using eLab for your research:

  1. The company (elabNext) is ISO27001 certified, and complies to all of its data security and integrity guidelines. UNMC has set up a Single Sign On (SSO), adding an additional layer of security to the system. This security protects the data and intellectual property of the lab, UNMC, and the funders.

  2. eLab includes series of tools that are highly configurable and adaptable to each lab and individual. These enable customized workflows, allowing the system to integrate into physical workflow, and markedly increase workplace efficiency. This includes native Excel worksheets in eLab, ability to link to Box secure storage, and other tools. Most notably, the end-to-end workflow management, from the powerful inventory function that allows the barcoding of reagents, chemicals and samples; to utilization of equipment, such as scheduling and calibrations; protocols (SOPs) and experimental templates; all the way to project management and reporting tools, all directly impact productivity. Various case studies have shown that implementation of eLab has increased efficiency of labs.

  3. Being able to access data from different individuals within a lab, labs within a center or department, departments within a college, and colleges within the campus allows the labs to cultivate progress, facilitate collaboration, and create a valuable ecosystem. Accessibility also refers to the data management tools of the system, with powerful search functionalities, allowing end-users and management to access sensitive data in a timely fashion.

  4. As evidenced during the pandemic, the accessibility of data remotely allowed the labs to continue collaborating, working, and progressing research remotely. Data analysis, manuscript and grant submission were able to continue from any internet-accessible location. Currently off-site use requires Horizon or Global Protect, we are working with IT to make eLab accessible with two-factor authentication similar to some other UNMC software.

  5. eLab Licenses are maintained for all lab members and collaborators who intend to access the data, including those that are view/read only. eLab is in full compliance with GxP guidelines, including 21 CFR Part 11 FDA. Working with campus IT security, this also makes the system GDPR and HIPPA compliant, however when used in a collaborative environment entering PHI into eLab is not recommended. When working with all data, including protected data, the system will abide by those guidelines, providing security to all users. The ability to set up role permissions, signature requirements, and full audit trail on all actions are just some of these compliance examples.

  6. Beginning Jan 23rd, 2013, the NIH will require a Data Management and Sharing policy for all extramural and intramural awards, contracts, as well as other funding mechanisms (https://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/notice-files/NOT-OD-21-013.html). eLab will significantly help UNMC scientists have acceptable plans given the good data management practices followed from using this platform.

  7. The highly modular architecture of the application and organized indexing of the underlying database will augment the ability of our scientists to publish and share their results, compete for extramural funding, as well as lead to further economic enhancement through spin-off companies and other means.