Legislative District 41

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393 Health professionals
in your district graduated from UNMC.

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14 UNMC employees
live and pay taxes in the district.

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51 Current UNMC students
graduated from a high school in your district.

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18 Health professionals in your district
help train UNMC students in a clinic in your district.

Programs impacting your district

  • UNMC’s RuralTrainingTrack is a program developed by the Department of Family Medicine that prepares residents to practice in rural areas. Established in 1992, the program is the largest in the nation.
  • uBEATS, a free, online science and health science resource created by UNMC and UNO, offers educators interactive e-modules designed specifically for grades 6-12, along with teacher guides. go.unmc.edu/ubeats
  • UNMC residents provide ER/medical coverage on weekends to rural communities.
  • Simulation in Motion-Nebraska (SIM-NE) seeks to enhance the quality and accessibility of emergency medical education across Nebraska. SIM-NE trained 152 volunteer EMTs and health providers in your district.