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UNMC Delegates

The Delegates Program is a grassroots advocacy network of people interested in receiving state and federal legislative updates, and who are willing to advocate on issues of importance to UNMC.

Communication will be distributed only by email. Delegates will receive an electronic newsletter with updates on Congressional and state legislative issues, as well as information regarding upcoming delegates events. On a limited basis, the delegates will be called upon to contact Nebraska's U.S. congressional delegation and state legislators regarding urgent issues.

Speaker events occasionally will be offered, featuring health care policy experts.

The program and all of its events are free, and participation is open to all.

Join the Delegates

What the Delegates Do

The goal of the delegates program is to support and strengthen UNMC's academic programs and research by influencing public policy through effective communication to Nebraska's federal and state delegations regarding issues that affect UNMC.

The delegates will focus primarily on such health and education issues as:

  • Federal and state appropriations.
  • Higher education.
  • Research.
  • Title VII and Title VIII.
  • Rural health.
  • President's budget.
  • .Agency budgets.

What the Program Won't Do

  • Inundate your inbox with unimportant emails.
  • Ask you for money.
  • Sell your information to third parties.

For guidelines and policies for UNMC faculty, staff and students, consult our advocacy tools.