Legislative District 9

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556 Health professionals
in your district graduated from UNMC.

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934 UNMC employees
live and pay taxes in the district.

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161 Current UNMC students
graduated from a high school in your district.

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403 Health professionals in your district
help train UNMC students in a clinic in your district.

Programs impacting your district

  • UNMC’s SHARING clinics provide health care to indigent patients, including general health, vision and dental care, diabetes treatment, and testing and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. unmc.edu/sharing
  • uBEATS, a free, online science and health science resource created by UNMC and UNO, offers educators interactive e-modules designed specifically for grades 6-12, along with teacher guides. go.unmc.edu/ubeats
  • UNMC’s High School Alliance partners with public schools in your district to provide high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to observe, shadow and work alongside health care professionals and researchers at UNMC. unmc.edu/alliance