LiveGreen: 'Green U' awardees announced

by Melanie Stewart, LiveGreen | April 08, 2014

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The recipients of this quarter's Green U Awards have been recognized by their coworkers over the past quarter for their commitment to environmentally sound practices at home and work.

The awards are given in four categories -- Innovation and Implementation, Volunteering, Education and Promotion, and Waste Reduction.

This quarter's awardees were:

  • Innovation and Implementation: Tom Waples
  • Education and Promotion: Todd Wyatt, Ph.D.
  • Education and Promotion: Amanda Angle
  • Waste Reduction: Karalyn Schmidt

This quarter, two Education and Promotion awards were given since no volunteer Green U's were awarded. (To change that for the next quarter, make sure to pay attention to the opportunities coming in Earth Week!) However, two people tied for the number of Green U's in the Education and Promotion category -- and as both were deserving, both received the award.

Todd Wyatt walked to work for more than two weeks straight (in the cold) and saved gas and money, reduced his carbon footprint and got some free exercise. To top it off, he's inspired others to do the same!

Amanda Angle helps her lab to recycle just about everything, and she makes it easy for them as containers are set up in logical places and labeled. She also helps everyone on her team to get items recycled in the lunch/break area. One co-worker noted, "She encourages us to recycle but does it in a positive way that motivates us." Way to go, Amanda!

Karalyn Schmidt was lauded for being a "green champion" and being "instrumental by assisting others in participation." She obtains resources and accesses information when new initiatives come out and then promotes them within the department so that others can take part. From basic recycling to batteries, Karalyn is reducing waste and helping others to do the same!

Tom Waples received the Green U for using his graphic design skills to help the LiveGreen Committee prepare for a new endeavor. His enthusiasm really helped the group and the end product is great. Stay tuned to see Tom's work!

Do you know of an employee who engages in environmentally friendly activities? Is so, send them a Green 'U' and you may read about them in an upcoming story!

To recognize a 'green' coworker:

  • Log in to eServ
  • Select the "Campus Resources" and then "Green U Rewards"
  • Fill out and submit the online form.


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