Patience will ease back-to-school parking problems

by Karen Burbach, UNMC public relations | August 20, 2014

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Parking congestion peaks each fall as students return to class.

But with patience and a familiarity of the campus parking rules, employees and students each will find their way to an open (and authorized) parking space.

What should employees do if students park in employee lots?

Employees should exercise a bit of patience for the first few weeks of the school year as students learn the ropes, said Tina Spencer, manager of UNMC Parking Services.


  • If employees encounter students parking in employee lots, staff and faculty members should politely inform the students that they have parked in lots reserved for employees.
  • If employees notice a student's car in an employee lot after the first few weeks of school, e-mail UNMC Parking Services to let them know.

What should employees do if their lot is full when they go to park?

If you can't find a parking spot in your own lot, Spencer said, you should park in the next nearest employee lot and either call UNMC Parking Services at 559-8580, e-mail UNMC Parking Services or seek authorization online through UNMC ESS (Employee Self-Service) to let them know your car is in a different lot. This will help avoid a $25 ticket for parking in an unassigned lot.

See a map of all student-parking areas here.


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