New master's track in biochemistry, molecular biology

by Lisa Spellman, UNMC public relations | February 24, 2017

Image with caption: From left, Melissa Teoh-Fitzgerald, Ph.D., and Laurey Steinke, Ph.D.

From left, Melissa Teoh-Fitzgerald, Ph.D., and Laurey Steinke, Ph.D.

UNMC Graduate Studies now offers a non-thesis M.S. track in biochemistry and molecular biology. Co-directors and designers of the track are College of Medicine assistant professors Laurey Steinke, Ph.D., and Melissa Teoh-Fitzgerald, Ph.D., both in the UNMC Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

The one- to two-year program is designed for individuals who want to teach at the level of community college, are planning a career in industry, want to attend a professional school or whose long-term goal is to acquire a doctoral degree but need additional course work and experience to be successful.

The program will begin this fall and is currently accepting applications. (For more information, visit the website.)

"We are recruiting international as well as local students," Dr. Teoh-Fitzgerald said.

"The program is designed to help individuals prepare for either professional studies or positions demanding mastery of science beyond the baccalaureate level," Dr. Steinke said. The program consists of 30 credit hours and topics include:

  • Fundamentals of biomolecules;
  • Molecular cell biology;
  • Fundamentals of receptors and cell signaling;
  • Metabolism;
  • Proteins and nucleic acids;
  • A seminar with discussion;
  • Basic and advanced laboratory training; and
  • Electives.

Supplementary courses also will be available that teach effective methods of studying graduate level biomedical science, as well as supporting the students' didactic work in biomedical science, biochemistry and molecular biology.

Also, a custom-designed English as a Second Language certificate program will be offered in partnership with the University of Nebraska at Omaha's intensive English program. These courses are for non-native English speakers to help them improve their skills in speaking, listening and writing and provide assistance in comprehension of scientific vocabulary and instruction.

"These courses, while they are not included in the 30-credit hour program, are designed to ensure student success," Dr. Teoh-Fitzgerald said.

Each program, she said, is individualized to the students' goals, with coursework, seminars and electives that are tailored to their expected careers.


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