CENTRIC releases new call for applications

February 27, 2017

The Center for Patient, Family, and Community Engagement in Chronic Care Management (CENTRIC) recently funded an innovative research pilot project for $40,000 that will support management of chronic conditions. The center funds projects that use new innovative techniques incorporating technologies to help with self-management.

CENTRIC had its first call for applications last November. The co-principal investigators are Kaleb Michaud, Ph.D., UNMC College of Medicine, and Elizabeth Mollard, Ph.D., UNMC College of Nursing, who will use a smartphone application that takes pictures of hands and collects other data to relay back to health providers so patients can self-manage their symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

CENTRIC has just released its second call for applications to fund another pilot project. Applications are due May 1. To find out more information about priorities for this funding announcement, please go to the CENTRIC website.


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