Re-Imagining U: A new employee development program

by Diane Kortus, UNMC human resources | August 14, 2017

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The UNMC Department of Human Resources has created a new and exciting program called "Re-Imagining U."

Elevating the capability of the organization through its people has always been the goal of the department's training and development efforts.

"Programs in the past were successful and attended by leaders and employees alike," said Linda Cunningham, director of employee relations, organizational development and diversity at UNMC. "Faced with the challenge of program sustainability and new opportunities for partnership, HR training and development had to re-think how to develop employees at UNMC."

This resulted in the development of Re-Imagining U, a new and exciting program that puts the employee in charge of their own development and allows more employees to attend training classes each year.

Much of the content in the courses of Re-Imagining U has been offered in many of the longstanding and well-known programs that have developed UNMC employees in the past, including:

  • Foundations for Success
  • The Management Series
  • The Manager's Forum
  • Learn@Lunch
  • New Manager Orientation

As part of the growing collaboration between UNMC and UNO, this new program is being jointly offered to employees of both campuses. As a result, UNMC and UNO will be able to offer more robust programming and significantly reduce projected costs.

Savings will directly benefit employees, as these resources will be redirected to support additional efforts in the development and retention of an outstanding and fully engaged workforce. Most importantly, Re-Imagining U is an opportunity for UNO and UNMC employees to learn from each other, as they become more capable, inclusive and collaborative leaders.

Each university employee is responsible for his or her own growth and development. Re-Imagining U is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the resources and tools to accomplish development goals. Employees can align with their leader on development plans so they can help address business needs and authorize time away from the employee's role to attend Re-Imagining U courses.

Watch for details on the Re-Imagining U website. Courses start Sept. 7.

Questions on the program? Call Diane Kortus at 402-559-8955.


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