Re-Imagining U: How it works

by Diane Kortus, UNMC human resources | August 17, 2017

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The UNMC Department of Human Resources has announced a new and exciting program called Re-Imagining U that puts employees in charge of their own development and helps employees partner with their leaders to develop their skills continually and strategically.

All courses are open to all UNMC and UNO employees, and parking solutions have been created at each campus for those attendees from the other campus. UNMC and UNO are partnering on this development program to offer robust programming and significantly reduce costs while supporting additional efforts in the development and retention of an outstanding and fully engaged workforce for both of our campuses.

Courses can be taken randomly or in strategic paths to achieve a Certificate Track such as Leading Others 1.0, Leading Others 2.0, etc.

Re-Imagining U consists of two semesters of courses:

  • Spring Semester -- February, March, April and May
  • Fall Semester -- September, October, November and December

Each semester will contain:

  • Recurring courses that align with the organizational needs as revealed by the Engagement Surveys and business needs; and
  • "Electives" or one-time only offerings that are specific to diversity celebrations and trending topics of interest to the organization and our employees.

Courses are offered in five different levels:

  • 100 & 200 Level Courses: Open to all faculty and staff and repeated in both the fall and spring semesters. While some classes target leaders, all employees are welcome to attend any of the classes.
  • 300 Level Courses: Offered by appointment only, these courses are targeted more for a deeper learning opportunity or to incorporate team dynamics. Some have fees associated. Contact Diane Kortus at UNMC and Laura Wakefield at UNO to discuss these opportunities.
  • 400 Level Courses: Offered once, these are electives that will change each semester so all employees have new development opportunities every semester.
  • 500 Level Courses: These courses focus on the elevation of equity, diversity and inclusion. "OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts" and "Valuing People" will be offered each semester at both campuses. The other electives will be offered once, then change each semester. All employees should have new development opportunities available at the 500 level every semester. Cultural celebration events will be part of the 500 level courses.

To register for courses, please log into Employee Services (EServ) with your UNMC NetID and password. Click on Education>My Registrations to search for courses.

To find out more information about the Re-Imagining U program OR to access the Fall 2017 Course Catalog, please visit the Re-Imagining U website. Courses start on Sept. 7. For questions, please call Diane Kortus at 402-559-8955.


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August 17, 2017 at 8:14 AM

Did anyone actually read this before they sent it out.