The Alliance in focus: Brizeth Anahi Covarrubias

December 13, 2017

Image with caption: Brizeth Anahi Covarrubias

Brizeth Anahi Covarrubias

Sixty-five members of the UNMC High School Alliance are among the students taking classes at UNMC this academic year.

The students come from high schools around Omaha and take college-level classes to prepare for health careers. For an entire academic year, the students spend half a day, every weekday, on the UNMC campus.

Today we meet:

  • Name: Brizeth Anahi Covarrubias
  • High school: Omaha Northwest
  • Year: Senior

How did you learn about the UNMC High School Alliance?
I learned about the High School Alliance through the OPS Career Center. My junior year I took the Certified Nurse Assistant class and my teacher, Mrs. DelCore, encouraged me to apply.

What sparked your interest in science?
Science has always appealed to me because of the hands-on component that comes with the material. When I was younger, science always sparked my curiosity because the material we learned was put into action by doing labs and applying the content to real situations. I like to see how and why things work, and science does just that.

What are your career aspirations?
I plan to go to the University of Nebraska at Omaha for my undergraduate degree and major in biomechanics. Before starting the High School Alliance, I had my mind set on going to medical school to become a physician after graduating from college. However, after a few months of being in this program and shadowing various professions, I am starting to consider becoming a physician assistant or a pharmacist.

List your three favorite things about the UNMC High School Alliance.

  • I like that we are given many opportunities to job shadow health care careers that we are interested in.
  • The hands-on experiences incorporated into each class are amazing.
  • I enjoy that the program allows many school districts to participate because it allows us to meet students from districts outside our own.


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Abril Lopez
March 26, 2018 at 2:13 PM

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