UNMC chancellor named board chair of graduate medical education organization

October 17, 2018

Image with caption: Jeffrey P. Gold, M.D. (left) and Rowen Zetterman, M.D.

Jeffrey P. Gold, M.D. (left) and Rowen Zetterman, M.D.

Jeffrey P. Gold, M.D., chancellor of the University of Nebraska Medical Center, has succeeded Rowen Zetterman, M.D., associate vice chancellor for academic affairs at UNMC, as the chair of the Board of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).
The ACGME is a private, non-profit organization that reviews and accredits graduate medical education (residency and fellowship) programs, and the institutions that sponsor them in the United States. Its mission is to improve health care and population health by assessing and advancing the quality of resident physicians’ education through accreditation.
Dr. Gold’s term will run through September 2020. He has served on the board of the ACGME since 2012.
In his role as chair, he will be responsible for overseeing the development of the organization's strategic plan and overseeing all committees that have activities in accreditation or training. He will be an ex-officio member of each ACGME committee, from public policy to finance and audit. He also will chair the three major meetings of the board that are held each year.
"The ACGME is an integral part of ensuring the excellence of graduate medical education to the more than 130,000 residents across the United States," Dr. Gold said. "It has been an honor to be a part of the board, and it will be a privilege to serve as chair. Dr. Zetterman has been a remarkable leader for the ACGME, helping to steer the ACGME along a truly remarkable course of growth and excellence."
The ACGME accredits sponsoring institutions and residency and fellowship programs; confers recognition on additional program formats or components; and dedicates resources to initiatives addressing areas of import in graduate medical education and population health.
The ACGME employs best practices, research, and advancements across the continuum of medical education to demonstrate its dedication to enhancing health care and graduate medical education.
The ACGME has key roles not only in accreditation of residency and fellowship programs, but equally importantly in defining and tracking the educational milestones, assisting to define the work-life balance during residency training and facilitating new strategies to enhance learner resiliency. The focus on the Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER) program has strengthened these areas of focus.
Dr. Zetterman, who has been ACGME chair since 2016, noted that it is atypical to have two people from the same institution chair the ACGME board in succession.
"That speaks to the fact that Dr. Gold is the right man for the job," said Dr. Zetterman, who also serves as professor of internal medicine, director of faculty mentorship programs and associate vice chancellor for planning for UNMC. 
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