Re-Imaging U semester coming to a close

December 06, 2018

There are three Re-Imagining U sessions left this semester for colleagues to engage in the UNMC/UNO Employee Development Program.

picture disc.
Leah Georges, Ph.D.
Upcoming sessions include:
  • Dec. 11 -- The Power of Followership: Leah Georges, Ph.D. As a culture, we have been often told to lead and not follow, with much time, attention, and money spent training leaders to most effectively mentor and guide their organizations. However, there is another important side of the leadership story - followership. Why care to be a good follower? How does that transform and train a person to become an effective leader? Dr. Georges will speak on how followership creates leadership and leadership informs followership. She will provide a fresh perspective about a person's powerful role as a follower and leader in a new and empowering way.
  • Dec. 11 -- Appreciating Difference: OUCH (That Stereotype Hurts!) training at the University of Nebraska at Omaha
  • Dec. 12 -- Coaching for Higher Performance at UNMC.

To register for any of the upcoming courses use this registration link.

In addition, the Human Resources Organizational Development teams from UNMC and UNO are working to get the final details together for the Spring 2019 Course Catalog. The next semester will be held during February, March, April and May. The new catalog will launch in mid-January. Watch the Re-Imagining U website for the announcements.

"This next semester will be two years of this program, and we have served hundreds and hundreds of faculty and staff in their development of skills, abilities and leadership capability," said Diane Ratigan Kortus, learning and development specialist. "We launched cohorts for deeper learning this past semester with profound learning outcomes for all the participants. They went so well we will be designing some new cohort programs for spring."


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