UNMC lab seeks volunteers for mind/brain research studies

by Tom O'Connor, UNMC public relations | February 13, 2019

Image with caption: One of the research studies seeking volunteers involves using the advanced driving simulator in the UNMC Mind & Brain Health Labs.

One of the research studies seeking volunteers involves using the advanced driving simulator in the UNMC Mind & Brain Health Labs.

The Mind & Brain Health Labs (MBHL) in the Department of Neurological Sciences at UNMC is currently seeking volunteers for research studies on mind and brain health.

Volunteers are invited to participate in a driving research study at UNMC (IRB #816-17-EP).

This study uses an advanced driving simulator to study how military individuals respond to warning signals in their driving environment. The study is funded by the Department of Defense. Compensation is provided. Study participation will involve a one-study visit of approximately two hours. The study visit will occur at UNMC's MBHL.

Requirements to participate include:

  • Be between the ages of 21-65 years old;
  • Have a current and valid driver's license; and
  • Have five or more years of driving experience.

MBHL also is seeking volunteers for a research registry (IRB #398-15-EP) of individuals interested in participating in mind and brain health research at UNMC.

The goal of this registry is to foster research programs at UNMC that may improve understanding of the mind and brain in health and disease, said Matthew Rizzo, M.D., director of the labs, chair of the UNMC Department of Neurological Sciences and lead physician of the Neuroscience Clinical Program at UNMC.

Dr. Rizzo said an innovative, cutting-edge research program, which seeks to improve health and quality of life, depends on the participation of community members in registries like these.

"This initiative at UNMC and Nebraska Medicine will position the medical center as a leader and innovator in translational research aimed at improving patient care and safety, mind and brain health, mobility, and quality of life across the lifespan," he said.

The registry is a list of people who are interested in being contacted about research studies for which they may be eligible. Being listed in the registry does not obligate people to participate in research. Volunteers may choose not to participate in any research study they are contacted about, Dr. Rizzo said.

He noted that people will not be compensated for participating in the research registry, but they potentially could be compensated for their participation in studies that they are recruited for through this registry.

The research registry is open to men and women between the age of 19 and 99.

People interested in participating will be asked to complete a questionnaire about who they are and their health. Their responses will allow the Mind & Brain Health Labs to determine which studies they may be eligible for in the future. Information collected about individuals also may be used for future, unspecified research.

For more information or if you are interested in participating, contact the Mind & Brain Health Labs at (402) 559-6870 or by email.


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