Work underway on campus ATMs

August 14, 2019

Some Metro Credit Union ATMs on campus have been removed temporarily to allow for upgrades to the machines.

The ATM in the Sorrell Center, as well as others on campus, will be upgraded to a wireless ATM. The Sorrell Center ATM should be replaced by Aug. 22. (Additional ATMs are available nearby at the Student Life Center and Lauritzen Outpatient Center.)

The ATM in the Durham Outpatient Center is being replaced with a physically larger, higher capability unit called an interactive teller machine (ITM).

The new machine has additional features that you can't get from an ATM. Those features are:

  • Deposit and withdrawal from any of your accounts;
  • Deposit checks and cash;
  • Transfer in between accounts;
  • Make a loan payment;
  • Balance inquiry on all accounts; and
  • Ability to withdraw multiple denomination of bills.

This machine should be on campus in the next month. (Additional ATMs are available nearby on the second floor of the DOC, next to coffee shop.)


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Theresa Pikschus
August 14, 2019 at 8:02 AM

4230 Building? Being upgraded also?