New cultural compliance module and resources have launched

September 09, 2019

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Effective today, UNMC introduces a new cultural competency compliance module "Inclusive Excellence: Excellence through Bridging Cultural Difference."

The new version brings reflection activities, resources and tools to use when connecting with peers, students, faculty, patients, families or each other. A strategic planning committee comprised of UNMC and Nebraska Medicine stakeholders at every level was formed over a year ago to transition the materials to meet the needs of both organizations. UNMC and Nebraska Medicine will use the module in different ways:

  • At UNMC, the module will replace the former cultural competency module required every two years for all faculty, staff and students. There are many groups that will use it within their teaching and project teams in addition to the compliance requirement. For those groups, completing the module as part of the compliance tracking will still be required every two years. The compliance module will also be tracked for all dually employed individuals by the UNMC Compliance Office.
  • At Nebraska Medicine, the module will not be mandatory, but will be used voluntarily by departments and groups to support their teachings.

UNMC and Nebraska Medicine, through their shared collective values of ITEACH, highly promote the importance of teamwork, to which the inclusive excellence module speaks. Linda Cunningham of the UNMC Department of Human Resources and Janice Tompkins of the UNMC College of Allied Health Professions continue to serve as content owners of the module.

"By joining forces with Nebraska Medicine, this module is very different from anything we have done before and further elevates the tools and dialogue for us to all come together as a stronger team," said Diane Ratigan, who led the module creation in partnership with the Nebraska Medicine Office of Health Professional Education and with support from many other stakeholders.

Many UNMC partners -- ranging from funders to research colleagues -- require UNMC to report the type of cultural training it offers and how many of medical center faculty, staff and students have successfully completed the trainings. The compliance office, under Sarah Gloden Carlson, J.D., will continue to track these numbers.

To voluntarily take the module at UNMC, contact Ratigan to be added or add a group of people. To voluntarily take the module at Nebraska Medicine, click here. In addition to the module, a new web page on the intranet site has been created to provide cultural resources to all internal stakeholders. To access the page, click here.

If you have recommendations of resources for this page, please forward them to Ratigan.


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