Lincoln nursing students take a Self-Care Week

by Vicky Cerino, UNMC public relations | February 14, 2020

Image with caption: Yoga classes were part of the Self-Care Week events.

Yoga classes were part of the Self-Care Week events.

Yoga, massages, coping strategies and positive messages were some of the things awaiting nursing students at the UNMC College of Nursing Lincoln Division recently.

Students from the Student Nurses Association organized Self-Care Week to provide temporary relief from the stress that comes with being a nursing student.

Julissa Bakken and Allie Johnson, co-presidents of UNMC College of Nursing Student Nurses Association, said some of their colleagues noticed that students looked stressed.

Bakken, Johnson and colleagues wondered what they could do to uplift spirits for those who want to care for others and are so close to finishing their bachelor's in nursing.

"The hope was to bring more awareness to students about self-care and hope it can be something that's a priority so students can incorporate strategies wherever they can," Bakken said. "The response was great."

The weeklong events brought in a yoga instructor from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, massage therapy students from Myotherapy, and a talk by a nurse practitioner about coping skills.

Healthy snacks and positive messages on banners placed throughout the building and sticky notes also lifted the students' spirits.

"I want to be a nurse because . . ." invited students to write comments. Sticky notes students could take with them said things like "You can do it," "You belong here," "Nothing's too hard to handle," and "Don't give up."

Massages were especially popular.

"They would walk out with a smile and sigh," Bakken said. "I saw students take sticky notes. I heard great comments. To take 20 minutes for themselves was special."

Amy Frizzell, student services coordinator, College of Nursing Lincoln Division, applauds the students for their initiative. "Our student leaders recognized the importance of taking a few minutes to re-focus during stressful situations and provided opportunities for their peers to do so," Frizzell said. "This will be instrumental in our students' future nursing careers. We are proud of their efforts and student services' plans to continue to work with our students to grow the program in semesters to come."


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Brigette Vaughan
February 14, 2020 at 9:40 AM

Very nice to see this effort for CON!