VidGrid software platform to be discontinued

by Melissa Diers, Information Technology | May 07, 2020

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In an effort to reduce duplication of video platform systems, Information Technology will discontinue the VidGrid video storage and distribution platform.

UNMC's contract with VidGrid is set to expire on June 30.

Information Technology has been working toward standardizing to one video platform, the Echo360 Active Learning Platform. Echo360 ALP offers many similar features to VidGrid. Users of the platform will be contacted via email to begin the video migration process. The academic technologies team will provide more specific dates and deadlines for users to transition their content to Echo360 ALP in the coming weeks.

Free professional (human) transcription/captioning will no longer be available to the campus. Free automated speech recognition is available through the Echo360 platform with an easy online editor for the user to edit the file to obtain the desired accuracy. Professional transcription/captioning will be a fee-for-service, usually averaging $2 per minute.

For more information or if you have questions about VidGrid, please contact UNMC Academic Technologies.


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Michael Dutt
May 07, 2020 at 8:52 AM

I really liked using VidGrid and found it much more user friendly than Echo360 ALP. I will miss using it!