UNMC offers guidance for social media usage

by Aurelie Villard, UNMC Department of Public Relations | June 05, 2020

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The author is the digital media manager for UNMC.

In response to national protests against police violence and racial injustice, conversations are taking place privately and publicly via social media. UNMC employees should be aware of the social media policy, as well as the following tips:

  • Nothing is private: Remember that what you post will remain discoverable. Private comments will be copied and shared. Google never forgets.
  • Avoid defamatory, offensive or derogatory content: Such content could be considered a violation of UNMC's anti-harassment policy if it is directed toward colleagues, students, partners or those we serve.
  • Be mindful of context: Evaluate your intentions. Before posting anything on social media, ask yourself three questions: Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?
  • Use disclaimers: Ensure others know that your personal account and statements do not represent UNMC. What you write is your responsibility. We advise using a disclaimer such as "opinions are my own" to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Ask for advice: Unsure if a post is appropriate? Ask the UNMC Department of Public Relations.


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