UNMC/UNO develop campus-specific screening app for COVID-19

by Karen Burbach, UNMC strategic communications | August 14, 2020

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A University of Nebraska team that launched the 1-Check COVID app now has developed a unique screening tool that can assist university faculty, staff and students as they physically return to work and school.

The team has launched the new app by creating exclusive downloads for both UNMC and the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) that enables faculty, staff and students to screen their symptoms and assess their likelihood of being infected with COVID-19. Unlike the 1-Check COVID app, the UNMC and UNO exclusive apps include campus specific information on how individuals should proceed based on their screening response. It also enables each campus to collect public health data that provides insight as to the number of symptomatic cases on their respective campus.

1-Check enables users to securely answer questions to assess their risk of having contracted COVID-19. The results and associated recommendations are shared with the Office of Health Security. Screening results are also available to the user and protected using the Google Cloud Platform. Databases containing user data are not accessible to outside networks.

"We're grateful to the development team for creating this unique app that can be customized to each campus," said Jeffrey P. Gold, MD, chancellor of UNMC and UNO. "In addition to wearing masks, social distancing and frequent hand hygiene, this self-screening tool is yet another way we can protect and monitor our campus community and, if necessary, quickly adjust campus functions based on the reported data."

1-Check has been approved by Apple and is also available on the web. An Android version will soon be available on the Google Play Console.

As outlined in UNMC's Recovery Implementation Plan, faculty, staff and students are asked to use the 1-Check UNMC smartphone app to self-screen if they plan on being physically present on campus. Faculty, staff and students also are asked to refrain from coming to campus if they (or someone in their house) are sick or if their 1-Check UNMC results advise them to do so.

The 1-Check COVID app, released to a national audience in April, remains available on iOS and Android platforms and provides users a "low-risk," "urgent risk," or "emergent risk" assessment based on their answers and symptoms, as well as suggested next steps such as monitoring symptoms or contacting a public health department to inquire about testing.

The University of Nebraska apps were developed by medical and public health experts at UNMC, and computer science and computer engineering students within the Walter Scott, Jr. Scholarship program at UNO.

The team included Rod Markin, M.D., Ph.D., associate vice chancellor for business development at UNMC and director of UNeTech; the UNMC Department of Emergency Medicine's Michael Wadman, M.D., Thang Nguyen and Wes Zeger, D.O.; and UNO's Harnoor Singh, director of student development for the Scott Scholars Program, as well as UNO Scott Scholars Grayson Stanton, Keegan Brown and Carly Cameron.


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larry haisch
September 02, 2020 at 10:42 AM

when will be android version be available?