Student president's message: Stay safe

September 08, 2020

Image with caption: Thomas Schroeder

Thomas Schroeder

The following is a message to UNMC students from Thomas Schroeder, the UNMC Student Senate president and student regent.

Dear fellow students,

The importance of the education we're receiving at UNMC -- whether as doctors, nurses, pharmacists or other health care professionals -- has become even more salient during the COVID-19 pandemic. As I watch our instructors and other UNMC alumni work on the front line, I feel even more committed to my calling to care for others. As students in the health professions, we already are part of a health care team with a duty to care for others -- and the first step is to take care of ourselves.

As members of the UNMC community and students who work in health care settings, the bar is high for us. We are held to a higher standard by the very importance of the work we're training to do. Because of these responsibilities and our commitment to avoid endangering our patients, we must take certain steps to be exemplary leaders in our community.

That starts with taking care of ourselves. We need to check our health each day and use the 1-Check UNMC app to ensure we are not placing our patients and fellow students at risk. We need to wear a mask on campus -- and amongst friends and classmates outside of campus -- to protect all those in our community. Lastly, we need to reflect on the impact that COVID-19 has not just on our health, our family and social life, but on our education and ability to be part of a patient care team during this unique and pivotal experience.

I am proud to be a student at UNMC. I know you are as well. Please continue following the campus guidance and protecting ourselves and fellow members of our UNMC community from COVID-19, so we can have a powerful, positive impact now and keep our community vibrant for the future.

Stay safe,

Thomas Schroeder
Student Senate President


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