Enhancements coming to increase digital safety

October 07, 2020

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Browser registration

In order to increase our digital safety, there will be many enhancements and changes coming.

Information Security will be enabling additional protection to prevent malicious content from affecting corporate devices and our networks. This will be implemented with Proofpoint Browser Isolation, similar to the current Proofpoint URL Isolation being used for "high-risk" links received in corporate email.

Browser Isolation will redirect users to an isolated environment that cannot be exited for all personal email sites and any websites that are categorized as unknown, high risk, online storage or additional sites that could pose danger to our environment.

Users visiting a website that falls into one of the abovementioned categories will be presented with a warning page informing a redirect to isolation will occur if continued. If the decision is made to continue, users will be prompted to register their browser with their Nebraska Medicine or UNMC email address in which a registration code will be sent to validate (see image above right).

Personal email isolation

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Browser isolation of unknown/risky/storage/etc. sites

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Access to internal resources while on Global Protect Prisma (VPN) or the visiting of known malware or blocked website categories will also be blocked. Both the access denied and blocked pages contain a link to request access or the unblocking of the site.

Denied access to all internal resources with Prisma (VPN)

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Default block for known malware and blocked categories. With support form for user to request and unblock.

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