Webinar offered on 'Parenting during COVID-19'

October 13, 2020

Arbor Family Counseling will be holding a webinar at noon on Oct. 15 to discuss parenting during COVID-19.

The webinar will discuss how to manage emotions and stress while providing practical tips for parents to interact with their children while things have changed during COVID-19. Presenter Tracy Lynn Pearson, a licensed mental health practitioner, is a counselor and training specialist with Arbor Family Counseling. She presents on a variety of family, personal and workplace topics. Her therapy focus is on adult depression, anxiety, teens and younger children and their families.

To register:

  • Click on the Contact Us page on the homepage of Arbor Family Counseling.
  • Type "Webinar" under subject and "October 15 - Parenting During COVID-19" under the message.
  • Include your name, company and email. A link to the webinar will be mailed to you.


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