Webinar will focus on marital stress during pandemic

October 16, 2020

Arbor Family Counseling will be holding a webinar at noon on Oct. 21 to discuss "Resolving Pandemic Martial Issues" during COVID-19.

The webinar will discuss how conflict during the pandemic is a reaction to the increased intensity of this unprecedented time and the unceasing togetherness. It will teach strategies for managing this new togetherness and behaviors that create resolve will help you bring more peace to each other. Presenter Maureen O'Donnell is a counselor and training specialist with Arbor. She has presented on a variety of family, personal and workplace topics.

To register:

  • Click on the Contact Us page on the homepage of Arbor Family Counseling.
  • Type "Webinar" under subject and "October 21 - Resolving Pandemic Marital Stress" under the message.
  • Include your name, company and email. A link to the webinar will be mailed to you.


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