UNMC seeking input on new strategic plan

January 21, 2021

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A draft of the new UNMC's strategic plan for Academic Years 2022-25 is now available for review by the UNMC community.

The plan, developed through the Breakthrough Thinking Sessions and the recent Future Scenario Planning Session identifies goals and strategies for each UNMC college, institute and interest group. The revised goals and strategies have been posted on the Strategic Planning website for the review of the entire UNMC community.

UNMC students, staff and faculty can provide input, including suggestions for revisions of the draft and for additional strategies to be added to the plan. As we have done for the past six years, all recommendations will be reviewed prior to revision, discussion and final approval of the AY 2022-25 UNePlan Goals and Strategies by the Chancellor's Council in March.

"To ensure we have input from as many of our students, staff and faculty as possible, we are asking that the UNMC community take the time to carefully look at this plan and offer their suggestions," said Rowen Zetterman, MD, associate vice chancellor for planning in the UNMC Department of Business and Finance. "This is still a work in progress, and input from our faculty and staff is important to ensure that the AY 2022-25 UNePlan beginning July 1, 2021 has identified the most important goals and strategies for the next academic year."

Following the finalization of the 2022-25 UNMC Strategic Plan update in March, each of the colleges, institutes, centers and business units will have the opportunity to refresh and update their specific strategic initiatives, well in advance of the start of the upcoming academic year.

See the plan. Comments should be sent via email by Feb. 5.


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Pamela Rodino
January 22, 2021 at 9:51 AM

Please consider sustainability in this plan for the campus. Thank You!