Bring ID badge, vaccination card to second-dose clinic

February 12, 2021

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UNMC faculty, staff and students are reminded to bring their ID badge and vaccination card when they return for their second COVID-19 vaccine. Both items are needed to get the vaccination administered. Vaccinated or not, public health measures will continue.

The campus community also should continue to use the 1-Check app, which has been updated to include vaccination screening questions. Use the "begin new screening" instead of "submit last results" after receiving the first and second COVID-19 vaccination doses.

Individuals who do not want to get vaccinated at this time should go into the Health Tracking System and decline the shot. This can be reversed later if they choose to get the vaccination. Individuals who receive the vaccinations somewhere other than a Nebraska Medicine/UNMC vaccination clinics (first or second doses) should enter that information into the Health Tracking System.

Individuals who have been immunized should continue to practice the fundamentals of campus COVID control, including masking, distancing, frequent handwashing, and environmental disinfection;. Masking remains a requirement on our campus.


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