Key deposits can be reclaimed through Dec. 31

August 02, 2021

Starting today, the Department of Public Safety will no longer require deposits or accept cash for keys. Instead, each key request will be charged a fee to cost centers. A department’s cost center number now must be provided with each request for keys to buildings or offices. 

Each key requested will incur a $10 standard operating or $15 submaster fee per key. Following the instructions below, those who previously paid a key deposit can receive a refund. 

Personally Paid Deposits

From Aug. 2-Dec. 31 this year, staff who personally paid a deposit to obtain a university key can stop by the Office of Public Safety, located at ARS 0001, 4215 Emile St., to get a refund. Regular business hours for the office are 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays. 

Cost Center/Department Paid Deposits

If a key deposit was paid with a department cost center prior to Aug. 2, employees can come to the public safety office to process refunds to the cost center.

Keyholders will need to bring the key(s) associated with each deposit to demonstrate current possession. Public safety personnel will verify key deposit records and return any outstanding deposits associated with those keys. Key holders will receive the refund and be able to continue to use those keys until such time they are no longer needed. Keys should be returned to a direct supervisor when an employee leaves the department.

Questions or concerns about key deposit refunds should be directed to public safety at 402-559-4439, ext. 4. Key deposits must be completed by Dec. 31, 2021, and keys that are no longer in use must be returned to the Department of Public Safety.