Earth Week tips – Waste reduction/recycling with Nicole Lindquist

Throughout Earth Week Week 2011, the UNMC LiveGreen team will present tips from employees on how they conserve energy and resources at home and work.

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Nicole Lindquist
Employees are encouraged to try these tips.

Nicole Lindquist, writer and social medial specialist in the department of public relations, discusses tips related to today’s theme of waste reduction and recycling.

Why are you involved with UNMC LiveGreen?

I am involved because I believe every person and every decision does make a difference. If I can help save an ounce of energy by not pushing the handicapped accessible buttons and just opening the door with my brute strength or taking the stairs instead of enduring an awkward elevator/escalator situation, then that’s worth it to me. I hope to convince others that their efforts are worth it too.

What are some or your personal tips on how to reduce waste/recycle at home?

Every single time I go to throw something away, I ask myself if it could be recycled. Yes, sometimes it would be easier to just toss whatever it is in the trash, but then I think about it sitting in a landfill and I make the extra step to take it to the recycling bin in my garage. When I look at the bin at the end of the week, I see all the items that I’ve kept out of the landfill and it motivates me to keep recycling.

What are some of your personal tips on how to reduce waste/recycle at work?

Sort of like the question I ask myself above when throwing things away, I try to ask myself, “Do I really need to print this?” before printing. If I do, I make sure my settings are set to print only in black and white and always on both sides of the page.

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