Wayne Fisher, Ph.D., delivers keynote at matriculation

Ninety-nine incoming students were welcomed into UNMC’s Graduate Studies programs at the Aug. 20 matriculation ceremony.

The ceremony honored each new student individually, and offered a chance to meet their new on-campus community, including faculty and fellow graduate students.

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Incoming students

Wayne Fisher, Ph.D., H.B. Munroe Professor of Behavioral Research at Munroe-Meyer Institute, delivered the keynote address. His remarks included a handful of tips for a successful launch to a graduate career.

Dr. Fisher advised incoming students to:

  • Think long and hard about goals for graduate school, including specific outcomes. “The answers to these questions are critical to determining how you should spend your time during your graduate training and who you should be working with,” Dr. Fisher said.
  • Put these newly set goals to the test.
  • Have “bucket awareness.” Dr. Fisher said new trainees may walk around in a daze, as if with a bucket on their heads. “Those . . . who realize they have a bucket on their head are way ahead of the game,” he said.
  • Choose your peers carefully. These are a crucial support group — seek out those who seek novel experiences!
  • “Developing an open and honest relationship with your mentor is important,” Dr. Fisher said.

UNMC will do everything possible to create a supportive environment for learning and development, Dr. Fisher said. But, “You must recognize that you are the most important player in this game.”