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New faculty spotlight: Cody Bonk, MD

Cody Bonk, MD

Cody Bonk, MD, is a new faculty member in the UNMC Department of Emergency Medicine.

  • Name: Cody Bonk, MD
  • Hometown: Columbus, Nebraska
  • Title and department at UNMC: Emergency medicine ultrasound fellow, UNMC Department of Emergency Medicine

Research/professional interests:

  • Ultrasound
  • Education
  • Critical care

How I fell in love with emergency medicine: I was originally interested in prehospital medicine during college and got into the field by becoming a paramedic in the Army. After training, deployments and taking care of casualties, I knew I wanted to become a doctor. Specializing in emergency medicine seemed like a natural fit. During residency, I realized how useful and necessary ultrasound is when taking care of emergency department patients. I am completing an ultrasound fellowship in order to become a better sonographer, clinician and teacher.


  • MD, UNMC
  • BS, biology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


  • Society of Academic Emergency Medicine
  • American College of Emergency Physicians
  • Society of Clinical Ultrasound Fellowship
  • Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association
  • American Medical Association
Three things people may not know about me:
  • I am happily married with three wonderful kids and a three-legged cat (wife’s cat).
  • I was a medic in the Army with the 2nd Ranger Battalion and deployed twice to Afghanistan.
  • I was never a big fan of facial hair, but it started growing on me, and I have recently sported a ridiculous N95-compliant mustache.

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  1. John Carroll says:

    I'm watching the show warfighters in your one of the people being featured. Amazing! I'm a social worker with homeless veterans in the veterans administration. Welcome home, Doctor!

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