Dr. Talmon named associate dean for medical education

Geoffrey Talmon, MD, has been named associate dean for medical education in the UNMC College of Medicine.

Dr. Talmon, who had formerly been the assistant dean for medical education, will remain in charge of managing the day-to-day operations of the curriculum and the accreditation process in his new role.

“We have an excellent team in the dean’s office, and I am looking forward to continuing to work with them in an expanded capacity,” Dr. Talmon said.

The promotion will aid Dr. Talmon in his educational responsibilities, he said, helping to streamline operations as the college prepares for the reaccreditation process.

Following the retirement of Gerald “Jay” Moore, MD, as senior associate dean for academic affairs at the College, all associate deans — who also include Wendy Grant, MD, associate dean for student affairs, Kelly Caverzagie, MD, associate dean for strategic planning and continuing education, Chandra Are, MD, associate dean for graduate medical education, and Shirley Delair, MD, associate dean for diversity and inclusion — now will report directly to College of Medicine Dean Bradley Britigan, MD.

“As we move through this next year’s accreditation activities, to have Dr. Britigan more directly involved with that process will be a huge positive,” Dr. Talmon said. “There are many initiatives and efforts we are exploring, and his involvement at this level will help those efforts move faster.”

Dr. Talmon assumes his expanded role following a challenging year for medical education.

“As educators, we’ve been nimble, able to very quickly adapt,” he said. “It’s worked out well for the students in terms of how quickly we’ve been able to make decisions and communicate those decisions. As everything related to the pandemic has unfolded, we’ve been able to continue to be effective educators.”

The faculty response to the pandemic also has created educational and curricular opportunities going forward, Dr. Talmon said.

“We’ve seen many new ideas, and as we move forward into a post-pandemic plan, there will be some of these educational strategies we will want to keep,” he said. “Some of the strategies we used had very positive results. So one of the biggest opportunities is integrating them into our ongoing educational strategy.”

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