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New faculty

Sarah Malik, MBBS

Sarah Malik, MBBS

Thirty-one new faculty members have joined the UNMC College of Medicine. They are:

Assistant professors

  • Duaa Abdallah, MBBS, internal medicine-hospital medicine
  • Benjamin Arbeiter, MD, internal medicine-hospital medicine
  • Stephen Brannan, MD, anesthesiology
  • Rebecca DeVries, DO, radiology
  • James Dreessen, MD, anesthesiology
  • Christopher Edwards, MD, pediatrics-hospitalists
  • Ellen Kerns, MPH, pediatrics-child health
  • Nathaline Khoury, MD, internal medicine-GI
  • Natalie Lynch, DO, family medicine
  • Sarah Malik, MBBS, internal medicine-GI
  • Melissa Mathes, MD, obstetrics/gynecology
  • Subin Mathew, MBBS, neurological sciences
  • Chelsea McElroy, DO, internal medicine-hospital medicine
  • Andreea Newtson, MD, obstetrics/gynecology
  • Thang Nguyen, DNP, emergency medicine
  • Atchuyta Pachigolla, MD, internal medicine-hospital medicine
  • Anery Patel, MBBS, internal medicine-DEM
  • Sean Rajnic, MD, anesthesiology
  • Tony Richa, MD, otolaryngology-hand and neck surgery
  • Anum Samdani, MD, internal medicine-hospital medicine
  • Varun Sharma, MD, psychiatry
  • Erin Smith, MD, neurological sciences


  • Rakesh Bhatia, PhD, biochemistry and molecular biology
  • Jeffrey Cannatella, MD, pathology/microbiology
  • Rocky Esteraich, MD, psychiatry
  • Farid Khan, MD, ophthalmology and visual sciences
  • Bernadette Lamb, MD, internal medicine-education
  • Rachel Marlow, MD, pediatrics-critical care
  • Jessica Rydberg, DO, internal medicine-education
  • Kyle Wilson, MD, internal medicine-hospital medicine
  • John Wright, MD, ophthalmology and visual sciences

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  1. Dr. Sheritta Strong says:

    Welcome to all of the new faculty members in the COM!

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