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Retirement event set for James McClay, MD

James McClay, MD

James McClay, MD

The UNMC Department of Emergency Medicine will hold a retirement reception from 1-3 p.m. on April 13 for James McClay, MD, who will retire from the department after 21 years at UNMC. 

Dr. McClay, a professor and one of the founding members of the department, also served as the principal investigator for UNMC's Clinical Research Analytics Environment (CRANE), worked on the HEROES registry and was involved in many initiatives during his time at UNMC. 

During his UNMC career, he also received numerous honors, including several departmental awards, a New Investigator Award from the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Research and the UneMed New Invention Award for the "Emergency Patient Information Kiosk,"

His national awards include:

  • The Lifetime Achievement Award in Medical Informatics from the American College of Emergency Physicians;
  • A certificate of appreciation for leadership from the American College of Emergency Physicians; and the 
  • WideRiver Teacher Curriculum Development Award.

"As one of the founding members of the UNMC Department of Emergency Medicine, Jim brought clinical informatics to our department before any of us knew what that was or how important it would become to our practice of medicine," said Michael Wadman, MD, chair of the department. "He is not only a skilled and knowledgeable informaticist and researcher but also  a great friend and colleague, and he will be missed."

The reception, which will follow UNMC COVID safety protocols, will be held at Lower Storz.


  1. Lisa Runco says:

    Best wishes to you Dr. McClay!

  2. Nancy Woelfl says:

    Way to go, Jim! Enjoy this new and rewarding phase of life.

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