Dr. Jarzynka receives Robert S. Wigton Award

Family Medicine Urban Track Residency Program Director Kim Jarzynka, MD, received the Robert S. Wigton Most Valuable Program Director Award for leading an outstanding residency or fellowship program and making significant contributions to UNMC's institutional graduate medical education (GME) efforts.

The award, which was created in the 2015-16 academic year, is named for Robert Wigton, MD, who worked at UNMC for more than 40 years and served many years as associate dean for GME.

Chandra Are, MD, associate dean of graduate medical education, and Vicki Hamm, administrative director of graduate medical education, presented the award to Dr. Jarzynka at the Family Medicine Resident Graduation Banquet on June 24.

"In addition to running her own program, Dr. Jarzynka helps to serve the greater mission of graduate medical education for the whole campus," Dr. Are said. "She has served on a number of committees, including the Graduate Medical Education Executive Committee. She runs a very good program, which also happens to be one of our largest programs, with about 50 trainees. As a PD, she is effective, thoughtful, informed and diligent. For these reasons, and for her years of service to graduate medical education for the entire campus, we were pleased to present her with the award."

Dr. Jarzynka called the award a surprise.

"It’s an honor to be chosen out of such an amazing group of program directors at UNMC," she said.

Dr. Jarzynka said she’s known of Dr. Wigton since her time as a medical student, and she worked with him when she joined the Graduate Medical Education Committee as associate program director.

"His dedication to UNMC and resident education is inspiring. He is one of the icons here at UNMC," she said.

Medicine is a team sport, Dr. Jarzynka said.

"We all collaborate, and we all need each other," she said. "As program directors, we’re training the next generation of physicians, from primary care and family medicine to the super subspecialities, and we all work together under the guidance of the GME office. We train the physicians who take care of our community, our state and the world. It’s important and rewarding work.

She expressed her gratitude to the Office of GME for its support and guidance — "When I have a question, all I need to do is pick up the phone and Vicki, Erin and the rest of team are always available to help.They have taught me so much over the years.  

"Dr. Are, Dr. Michael Wadman, who was the DIO (designated institutional official) prior to Chandra, and Dr. Jeff Harrison, the program director in family medicine before me, have been great mentors for me. I’m also so thankful for our amazing program coordinators, associate program directors, faculty, and residents who play a vital role in keeping our program running smoothly. I would not be successful without all of them." 


  1. Jane Potter says:

    Congratulations, Kim. Well deserved!

  2. Mary Gallagher Jansen says:

    Wonderful Physician to be chosen for such an Honor!

  3. Beth Morris says:

    Congratulations, Dr. J!!

  4. Tom O’Connor says:

    Way to go, Kim!

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