UNMC enrollment rises for 22nd straight year

For the 22nd year in a row, enrollment at UNMC grew this fall, as a record 4,406 students are attending UNMC, up from 4,387 students last fall.

UNMC saw its largest enrollment increases in graduate studies, public health, allied health professions and resident physicians (house officers) – medical school graduates who come to UNMC and Nebraska Medicine for their residencies.

“Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are seeing the importance of the health professions,” said UNMC Chancellor Jeffrey P. Gold, MD. “This latest class of UNMC students recognizes the role of medical and health professionals in protecting their communities and has stepped up to join their ranks. We are excited to welcome them and respect their commitment to making a difference in the lives of the people in their communities, in the state of Nebraska, across the nation and throughout the world.

“We are well aware of the national and statewide trends in undergraduate enrollment and share the concerns that are widely spread,” Dr. Gold said. “This ultimately will impact future UNMC enrollment and, most importantly, the future health professions workforce. We will continue to redouble our efforts and reach deep into high school and middle school to inspire the next generation of those entrusted with our health.”

In addition to higher enrollment, the number of UNMC students who self-identify as Black, Hispanic, native Hawaiian or multiple races increased by 11% this fall, while the number of UNMC international students increased by 5%.

“The COVID-19 pandemic impacted enrollment within some UNMC professions,” said Dele Davies, MD, senior vice chancellor of academic affairs at UNMC. “This was particularly evident in nursing, where current students who already were licensed as RNs or LPNs entered the workforce to help with the acute shortages experienced by most health care organizations and in the process postponed their Bachelor of Nursing Science Studies to a future date.”

Still, Dr. Davies said, “we are pleased to see a growing, and increasingly diverse, student population at UNMC. As UNMC continues in its mission to transform lives and create a healthier future, we congratulate our new students on becoming part of that mission and look forward to their success at UNMC.”  

College of Dentistry

The College of Dentistry admitted 51 dental students and 24 dental hygiene students. The total student enrollment is 304, including 48 post-graduate students. Of the incoming dental students, 37 are Nebraska residents and 14 are non-residents. For dental hygiene, it’s 23 resident and one non-resident students. There were 695 applications for the 51 slots in this year’s dental class.

College of Medicine

There are 133 new students entering their first year of medical school, including five new MD-PHD students, bringing the total enrollment to 520. The new students in the program, about 78% of whom are Nebraska residents, were selected from 1,912 applicants. In addition, there are 683 resident physicians (house officers) training at UNMC.

College of Nursing

The College of Nursing enrolled 998 students across UNMC’s five campuses in Omaha, Lincoln, Kearney, Scottsbluff and Norfolk. This includes 670 students in the bachelor’s in nursing program, 129 students in the master’s in nursing program, 172 students in the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program (DNP) and 23 post-graduate certificate students. 

College of Pharmacy

The college admitted 34 students. Of these new students, 87% are Nebraska residents. The new students bring the total enrollment in the four-year program to 191 students.

College of Public Health

Enrollment for the College of Public Health’s professional programs is 329. This year’s students include 248 master’s degree students and 47 certificate/non-degree students. Of the 97 incoming students, 37% are residents of Nebraska. Non-resident students are represented by 40 different states.

College of Allied Health Professions

A total of 750 students are enrolled in the college, including online students. Enrollment in the new Doctor of Occupational Therapy Program has more than doubled since fall 2021. The UNMC College of Allied Health Professions has students enrolled in 12 different types of degree granting programs.

Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies enrollment is 631 students, which represents a 12% increase over last fall. Graduate Studies offers advanced instruction leading to master of science and doctor of philosophy degrees in fields ranging from basic biomedical sciences to public health to patient-oriented research. Among all UNMC graduate students, 72% are enrolled in PhD programs. 

Munroe-Meyer Institute

Munroe-Meyer Institute is providing interdisciplinary training, course work and practicum experiences in research and patient care to 265 students enrolled in undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs from universities in Nebraska and across the country, including UNMC. There are 175 new trainees this year. This includes 20 master’s level students, 16 doctoral level students, 23 interns and 9 post-doctoral fellows. (Since most students participating in these programs are enrolled at other University of Nebraska institutions and are not UNMC students, they are not counted in UNMC enrollment numbers.)