Creative writing project invites nursing students to share stories 

Mark Darby

Mark Darby

Nursing students currently enrolled in any UNMC College of Nursing program are invited to submit a story to the UNMC College of Nursing Creative Writing Project’s creative writing contest. This year’s theme: “Nurses confront boundaries that separate us.”

Mark Darby, co-leader of the project said, “The boundaries that separate people are difficult to cross. Different political views, races, genders or incomes promote stereotypes and hamper true relationships. Yet nurses cross these boundaries to provide effective care. When we do confront these boundaries, we experience frustration, challenge and even anger. If we overcome these difficulties, we become better nurses. We are looking for stories where students confronted a boundary and came out the other side a better nurse.”

Six winners will receive $2,000 awards. The written submissions may be fiction or non-fiction, prose or poetry. Stories ultimately will be shared online, published in a booklet and considered for integration into curriculum.

Submissions will be accepted between Nov. 1 and Nov. 30 at 5 p.m.