Data management and sharing webinar set for today

UNMC researchers are invited to join a virtual Zoom webinar today, May 17th, at noon, offering updates and additional guidance on the National Institutes of Health’s Data Management and Sharing Policy.

Hosted by the UNMC Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and the McGoogan Health Sciences Library, the webinar will discuss the latest updates related to the DMS policy, with a key focus on providing budgeting guidance related to DMS plans for UNMC grant applications.

Download the calendar invite to add the event and obtain the Zoom details.

The new budgeting guidance requires each application for research funding to include a budget for data management and sharing. To assist UNMC researchers with the process, a budget worksheet has been created to estimate data management and sharing costs. This worksheet breaks down each broad category of the data management and sharing lifecycle, projecting hours for each activity based on the size of the grant request and offering justifications for budget inclusion.

Researchers should keep in mind that not all projects will necessitate a budget for every item on the list. For this reason, a cost calculator is in the works that will aid researchers in customizing a DMS budget for individual project proposals. Resources for developing a plan and budget are available on the DMSP website.